Early Betting Favorites 2016 Kentucky Derby

It’s only February, but it will be May before you know it and the 142nd Kentucky Derby will have arrived. Today we have listed our 2016 Kentucky Derby online betting favorites for American bettors.

It is never too early to take a look at the 2016 Kentucky Derby field. Sure, the odds and the exact list of entrants in the race will change quite a bit by the time the race rolls around, but you can at least begin to consider your wagering strategy well ahead of the race. When you educate yourself in advance about the specific horses in the Derby, you will have a good feel for who you want to include in your race day picks.

One advantage to tracking the horses this far in advance of the race is that you can track their performance throughout the year to see if they are trending up for a big Derby day run. Most horses will run on a variety of surfaces and over a variety of distances throughout the course of the year, so you can match up results with the conditions that will be present at Churchill Downs.

2016 Kentucky Derby Betting Favorites

Some of the early names to keep an eye on for 2016 include Areolite, Decked Out, Uncle Vinny, Cocked and Loaded, and Outwork. It is possible that some of these horses won’t even make it to the post on race day, but there is also a chance that one of these will represent the winner of the 2016 Kentucky Derby. If you wish to improve your chances of placing a winning wager on the next Derby, try making a list of horses now that you will track and follow over the course of the next few months. Using that basic strategy, you will be more than ready when next May rolls around.

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Why Celebrities Come Out for the Kentucky Derby

Every year the Kentucky Derby is the place to be and the 142nd Kentucky Derby will be no different. As we get ready for the 2016 Kentucky Derby in a few months time we look ahead to what possible celebrities will be going this year.

On the first Saturday of every May, there is one place you are sure to find a large gathering of celebrities – Churchill Downs. The stars come out for the Kentucky Derby each and every spring, taking private planes from all around the country to converge on Louisville. If you watch the Derby on TV, you are sure to see a long list of celebrities dotted all throughout the crowd.

Kentucky Derby Celebrities

So what is it about the Derby that draws the rich and famous to Kentucky in early May? While they all surely have their own reasons, the overall spectacle of the event is certainly a big draw. It is one of the largest events in the world, with more than 170,000 people attending in 2015. Visiting Churchill Downs is an opportunity to be seen while experiencing a little bit of sports history at the same time. Of course, a day spent enjoying great food and drinks and wagering on a few horse races is never a bad way to pass the time.

As a non-celebrity, the opportunity to spot some famous people alongside your spot in the stands is yet another reason to make a trip to the Derby at least once in your life. Not only will you have the memories of seeing the world’s most famous horse race in person, but you will also have the chance to meet (or at least see) some top celebrities. There is no better place to be on the first weekend in May than on the historical grounds of Churchill Downs.

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Will 2016 Still Be Exciting After the 2015 Triple Crown

Will 2016 Still Be Exciting After the 2015 Triple Crown?
2015 was the year that horse racing has been waiting for, as the Triple Crown was finally captured. American Pharoah managed to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. The feat had not been accomplished since 1978, and it received incredible media attention – specifically when the chase reached its final leg in New York. So, since the Crown has finally been taken home, will the 2016 horse racing season be something of a let down?

2016 Triple Crown

Don’t bet on it. In fact, with all of the attention that was brought to horse racing over the past year, the 2016 Triple Crown races may draw even more viewership. American Pharoah won’t be lining up in the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby next May, but there will be a field full of hopefuls waiting to be the next to pursue the Triple Crown. Of course, whoever wins the Kentucky Derby will head to Baltimore with a chance at the second leg of the Triple Crown, so there will be no lack of excitement.

Will another horse win the Triple Crown in 2016 and relive the excitement of the 2015 journey taken by American Pharoah. Probably not – but anything’s possible. The thrill of horse racing is the unexpected results that can be waiting at the end of every race. Even heavy favorites don’t win all the time, so you never know what you will see when you come to the track on a given day. Even if 2016 doesn’t hold another Triple Crown accomplishment, the May and June horse racing season will still deliver plenty of drama.

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A Sporting Event Bucket List

For sports fans, watching games and events on TV is fun – but being there in person is the real deal. While many fans are able to go to the games of their local teams on a regular basis, it takes a special trip to experience some of the biggest events in the world of sports. If you are going to fulfill your dreams as a sports fan, you will need to establish a game plan for traveling the country (or the world) to find a seat close to the action.

Sporting Event Bucket List

So what sporting events should be on your fan bucket list? Well, the Kentucky Derby for one. The Derby is a huge event, with more than 170,000 attending the race at Churchill Downs in 2015. Obviously, the Super Bowl qualifies for this list as well. Even if you aren’t a huge football fan, or a fan of either of the teams that are playing, just the spectacle of Super Bowl week alone is worth a trip.

Other events that are worth of your time and attention include The Masters, Wimbledon, The Boston Marathon, the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Olympics. Each of these events is tremendously popular, so you will need to plan ahead to find tickets, accommodations, and more. As you might expect, taking a trip to these events is not going to be a cheap proposition, as tickets can be costly and the price of hotel rooms will go up around the time of the event. However, if you have the money available, a trip to a few of these bucket list events will be something that you never forget.

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Wagering Online for the Kentucky Derby in 2016

Not going to make it to the Kentucky Derby in person in 2016? Not to worry – while millions of people would love to be present at Churchill Downs to watch another installment of horse racing history, only around 170,000 are able to make it out to the track. That means the rest of the world is left to watch the race on television from home. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the wagering action, as online wagering is available through a number of sources. Wagering online for the Kentucky Derby in 2016 is a lot easier than most bettors in the USA and Canada would have guessed.

You can sign up to wager on the Kentucky Derby race through a variety of online companies, including directly through the official Kentucky Derby website. When selecting a site to use for your wagering, make sure you do your homework and select a reputable company that you can trust with your business. A little research into any betting platform you are considering should be enough to reveal whether or not they are a suitable choice.

Wagering Online Kentuckyderby 2016

Prior to race day, make sure to have your account funded so you are ready to place your wagers in advance of post time. Also, try to research the horses in advance so you aren’t left to make a last second selection. There is an incredible amount of information available on each horse in the race, so you will have no shortage of data to review prior to placing your wagers. Whether you wish to wager or horse races all throughout the year, or just on Derby Day, finding the right online wagering platform is an important first step for the 142nd Kentucky Derby. Check the latest Kentucky Derby online betting odds and lines here over the next few months.

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Horse Betting is Easy to Learn

Watching horse racing is a fun activity on its own – but it becomes even more enjoyable when you can place a small wager on the action. The potential to win money while watching horse racing makes it more engaging, and you can learn a lot about the horses simply through the process of researching your picks. While you might be intimidated by the prospect of learning how to wager on horses, it is actually a simple concept to understand.

One of the first bets you will likely place is a simple ‘Win’ bet. This wager is exactly as it sounds – you pick the horse that you think will win the race. If your horse does win the race, you will be paid off based on the odds for your chosen horse. If your horse loses, your wager will be lost. Even if you never go beyond just a basic ‘Win’ bet, you can have a lot of fun betting on horse races like the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

How to Learn Horse Betting

As you gain experience, you will likely want to try other, more complicated wagers. Options like exactas and trifectas expand on the wagering concept, allowing you to pick more horses and potentially win more money. Of course, as you start to pick more horses, you will have to do even more research (and have even more luck) if you want to win. Whether you decide to stick with the basics or you branch out to more exotic wagers, betting on horses is a fun way to add excitement to an already exciting sport.

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Winning Big on the Kentucky Derby

One of the great things about the Kentucky Derby, and horse racing in general, is that you can get in on the action as a fan. Wagering on the races is one of the main reasons that horse racing is so popular in the first place. By doing just a little bit of homework, and getting a little bit of luck, it is possible to win some money and add to your fan experience at the same time.

Winning at Kentucky Derby

So how do you win big on the Kentucky Derby? Well, you aren’t going to take home a big win if you only bet on the favored horse to win the race. Depending on the exact odds, you may win only $2 (or even less) for betting $2 on the favored horse to win the race. For most people, the prospect of winning two bucks simply isn’t very exciting. Fortunately, there are other ways to wager that will allow you to potentially take home a bigger prize. When it comes to betting on the Kentucky Derby online we have been doing this for years!

Two of the best options for winning big are the exacta and trifecta bets. With an exacta, you have to pick the first and second place finishers in the race, in the correct order. The trifecta works the same way, except you have to pick first, second, and third place correctly. Obviously, these wagers are harder to win than just picking the horse that will win the race, but the payoff is greater. For example, if you pick the correct exacta using a favorite and a longshot, you could win a nice sum for just a two dollar bet.

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Could There Be a Triple Crown Repeat

As you probably are aware, the Triple Crown was achieved in 2015 for the first time since 1978. The horse was American Pharoah, who was ridden to victory by Victor Espinoza and who was trained by Bob Baffert. American Pharoah capturing the Triple Crown was one of the biggest stories of the sports year, as it is considered one of the most difficult feats in all of sports to accomplish.

So, could it happen again in 2016? Sure – anything can happen in horse racing, but the chances are very, very slim. The difficulty lies in finding a horse that can handle the various conditions and lengths of all three tracks. While many horses who win the Kentucky Derby are also able to capture the Preakness, it is difficult to step up to the longer distance presented at the Belmont. Also, over the course of five weeks, various weather conditions at the different tracks can pose a challenge when it comes to prevailing over talented fields. Everything has to come together just right – as it did in 2015 – for a horse to run away with all three of these prestigious events. The fun starts with the 142nd Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 7th, 2015.

Simply put, there is a reason why the Triple Crown had not been captured since 1978. It is an incredibly difficult task, and it requires a combination of talent, experience, and luck that don’t come together very often. However, there is always the chance that a horse like American Pharoah will come along and steal the show, which is why the Triple Crown races are always one of the highlights of the sports year.

Triple Crown Repeat

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See All of the Triple Crown Races in Person

2015 is a year that will never be forgotten in horse racing history. For the first time since Affirmed in 1978, the same horse won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – known in horse racing as the Triple Crown. The horse to accomplish this feat was American Pharoah, ridden by jockey Victor Espinoza and trained by Bob Baffert. Will 2016 be any different?

Triple Crown 2016

Thanks to the incredible feat that was accomplished this past year, many racing fans are looking forward to the 2016 version of the Triple Crown races. So, is it possible to attend all three of the races in person in a single year? Absolutely! While it will take some smart planning – and plenty of vacation time away from work – you can easily book a trip to see all three of these races run right in front of you. Even if a repeat of this year’s Triple Crown isn’t in the cards, you will have an experience that you won’t soon forget.

The Kentucky Derby is held the first Saturday each May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Two weeks later, the Preakness Stakes is contested at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Finally, the Triple Crown chase moves north to New York, where the Belmont Stakes are held at Belmont Park three weeks after the running of the Preakness. As you might suspect, the demand for tickets to the Belmont depend largely on whether or not there is a Triple Crown at stake – so you would be wise to get your tickets and accommodations early, in case another horse is attempting to match the achievement of American Pharoah. It truly is a treat to check out the 2016 Triple Crown races next year.

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Attending the 2016 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most exciting sports events of the year. Each May, a selection of the fastest horses in the world gather at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky to race for the roses. In 2016, the Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday, May 7th. As attending the Derby is a dream for many sports fan, you would be wise to start planning now if you hope to be there in person to witness the Fastest Two Minutes in Sports.

Kentucky Derby 2016

Louisville, Kentucky is easy to access from anywhere around the United States. Served by Louisville International Airport, those attending the race can fly into the air in no more than a few hours from any location around the continental U.S. Of course, booking hotels rooms well in advance is a good idea, as is securing your ticket to the event itself. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy in and around Louisville, so feel free to extend your trip for a few days on either side of the race.

Sure, you can stay home and watch the running of the Kentucky Derby from your couch, but the experience of being there in person is something you will never forget. The incredible power of the horses moving around the track, along with the electricity of the huge crowd, make the Kentucky Derby one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Start planning now so you can make the necessary arrangements to see the 2016 Kentucky Derby live and in person.

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