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Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

For US bettors looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby online with Bitcoin and/or credit card there are a few key points to note. One, pick an online racebook that gives you a signup bonus. Please note that the Twinspires racebook does not accept Bitcoin, unlike and If you are going to bet on the Kentucky Derby you might as well get paid for it. Secondly, do your research on the horses racing. Just because the name sounds very clever, does not a winning horse it make. The 143rd annual Road to the Roses, Kentucky Derby 2017, is just around the corner on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This is why there is no time better than now to go over what we believe to be the best Kentucky Derby online betting sites online to bet on the Kentucky Derby. In the coming weeks we will all be privy to the 143rd annual running of the Kentucky Oaks & Derby for 2017, also known as the first leg of the triple crown. Basically if you want to bet on Kentucky Derby online you have come to the right site. As many of you know the current Kentucky Derby betting odds on favorite going into the big race is Ride On Curlin who is sitting at 12-1 betting odds. If that name sounds familiar to you then here is why. Ride On Curlin is the offspring of 2007 Preakness Stakes winner, Curlin.

I’ll Have Another shocked everyone at the Kentucky Derby finishing first at 20/1 betting odds. Now we will go over some of the current Kentucky Derby online betting odds and futures. Take a gander and see if any of these Kentucky Derby favorites jumps out for online betting for the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

Teeth of the Dog 30/1 – You know what they say about the hair of the dog when you wake up with a bad hangover, but sometimes you just need the teeth to help you get through the day. Teeth of the Dog is currently sitting at 30/1 betting odds to win the Kentucky Derby, first jewel of the Tripe Crown. Next up we have Danza coming in at 25/1 betting lines to finish first in the 2017 Kentucky Derby. Danza is almost like the I’ll Have Another of the Kentucky Derby. Not really a quick starter, but known to finish strong as we all saw. Next up we like Tapiture at 20/1 online betting Kentucky Derby odds. Tapiture comes to us from the same camp as Bodemeister but is a little older and has shown great maturity as of late. Look for Tapiture to place amongst the top 3 in this year’s Kentucky Derby online betting. If you are still looking for a racebook to handle your Kentucky Derby Online Betting picks and predictions then might we suggest you check out the Bovada online sports betting site with exclusive racebook bonuses and promotions to help you get in on the racing action today.

Updated 2017 Kentucky Derby Online Betting Odds

Below is a list of complete 2017 Kentucky Derby betting odds for online wagering for Saturday’s 143rd Kentucky Derby race.

  • Classic Empire 4/1 Betting Odds
  • Mc Craken 5/1 Wagering Lines
  • Malagacy 21/4 Betting Odds
  • Irish War Cry 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • Gunnevera 15/2 Betting Odds
  • Thunder Snow 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • One Liner 33/4 Betting Odds
  • Practical Joke 32/4 Wagering Lines
  • El Areeb 8/1 Betting Odds
  • Tapwrit 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • Unique Bella 4/1 Betting Odds
  • Epicharis 8/1 Wagering Lines
  • Uncontested 10/1 Betting Odds
  • Mo Town 11/1 Wagering Lines
  • Gormley 14/1 Betting Odds
  • J Boys Echo 12/1 Wagering Lines
  • Running Mate 19/1 Betting Odds
  • Squadron 15/1 Wagering Lines
  • American Anthem 25/1 Betting Odds

Review the above Kentucky Derby betting odds for hte 143rd race and please note that the above odds will change daily leading up to the big race.

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What You Need to Know About The Kentucky Derby

Here’s what you need to know about the Kentucky Derby in this free Kentucky Derby guide for betting and just viewing the race in general. If you’ve never heard of Kentucky Derby, the most popular horse race in the USA, you probably don’t have an interest in that topic. It is one of the most famous races where thoroughbred horses take part and what is also very typical for this event is that it is a betting event that lasts for around 14 days, starting with the first weekend of May. It’s got many fans and followers in the last couple of years which led the Kentucky Derby into becoming the most popular betting race for Thoroughbred horses. Also, allow us to guide you with how to bet on bet on Kentucky Derby online from your mobile phone or device. Its popularity reflects is shown in the number of people watching and it has also gained a lot of “nicknames”. What we want to say is that some people call this major event the fastest two minutes in sports. That is just how much they appreciate it. If you decide to come to Kentucky Derby 2017, there are a few things that you will need to see, let’s take an example – a trip to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower… You can almost say that you weren’t in Paris at all. Here are the most popular items.

First of them is the Muhammad Ali Museum. Wait, isn’t this a horse breeder event? It sure is, and there is a co-relation between these facts. Take this for an example – Muhammad Ali’s hometown is Louisville, and that’s where it all started. If you get bored at any given time watching the races, you can get to this museum and see a lot of boxing memorabilia related to Muhammad Ali’s rich career.

How to Bet Kentucky Derby Online Mobile

Speaking about history, Kentucky Derby has its own rich and deep history, and it could not be presented to visitors in a better way than this one – Kentucky Derby museum. The name says it all, this is a very popular location amongst the visitors of the Derby event.

If you are a wine lover, there are things for you also – The Vineyards of Kentucky or as some people will say heaven for wine tasters and lovers. As some of you may know, the first vineyard in the US was exactly in Kentucky, so there ain’t a better place to build a tourist attraction than this one. In large vineyards, you can find a lot of different kinds of wine to taste, which will suit each man’s palette. Enough to say, Kentucky vineyards are one of the highest wine quality producing vineyards in the whole of US. You can’t bet on how the wine will taste, but at least you can bet on who is going to win the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

If you decided to come to this Derby, these are just a few of many places you can visit. There is also a wonderful Bourbon Distillery and some of the most beautiful golf courses around. You can book your Kentucky Derby tickets online and secure yourself one of the most beautiful trips you’ll ever get to have.

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Wagering On Thoroughbred Horse Racing

It seems that everyone knows all there is to know about modern horse racing online wagering. The reason for this is simple; horse racing has become deep-rooted into current culture. It is more than just a very exhilarating sport it is also one of the top methods of gambolling around.

Practiced over the years, horse racing has always involved sets of horses carrying riders by some method, competing to see who will get to the finish line with their burden first. The earliest documentation of tamed or domesticated horse are reported to originate in the Ukraine from as far back as around 3500 BC but that information is challenged by reports that the now Kazakhstan had people riding horses from around 3000 BC.

The ancient cultures of Egypt, Persia, Greece or Babylon is said to have given horse racing its beginning and, based on historical texts, were depicted as a horse pulling on a chariot with a rider inside. This type of horse racing is still practiced in recent times in some cultures. And, even though horse racing of this nature is known to have resulted in significant personal injury and death this was the one of the strongest selling point of the horse racing of that era.

Horse Racing History

Origins of Flat Racing
“Flat racing” is what comes to mind when most people think about current horse racing. Basically, the horse racing is done on a flat surface or track regardless of the whether that surface is made of synthetic material, dirt or grass. The track is usually oval in shape and the rider sits atop the horse and directs him in getting to the finish line. Wagering online records indicate that the first documented flat race occurred in 1174AD on a four mile track and very soon became a demand at festivals and fairs in Europe and the UK.

Origins of Thoroughbreds
In the 1600’s three stallions from the “Orient” were mated with mares to produce a breed of horses now recognized as thoroughbred horses. These horses were descendants of Arabian, Turkey and Barb horses and the crossbreeding done from about 1680 to 1740 produced thoroughbred horses of such power and stamina that this breed of horses quickly became the most sought after breed. It was not long before breeders and owners in Europe and England started racing their thoroughbred against each other to see whose was faster, better or stronger.

And so the “English Classics” was born.

Is this information you need to know going into the 2017 Kentucky Derby? Probably not, but it’s a good life lesson to learn about when it comes to the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

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Free Horse Racing Betting Tips Anyone

Can we perhaps interest anyone in some free horse racing betting tips? Today we will go over our latest Kentucky Derby predictions for the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

A vast majority of people will admit to taking a stab at betting on a horse race and being the novice that they are wound up losing a lot more than they won. This is due for the most part, to ignorance about the features and strategies of horse racing. Here is where some free horse racing tips that will come in handy.

    1. Get out your horse racing forms.

They are available at the local news stand as well as online, and look at the information provided about the jockey and jockey. Do a bit more research and get some information on the performance of the horse in previous showings. The combination of this information will have you well ahead in helping to choose your next possible win. By evaluating the jockey’s history, the owners track record for winners and horse’s latest performances you will be able to remove any amount of horses as part of your handicapping process.

    2. Performance matters

It has been seen that the showing of the last three races is usually a good indicator of how he horse will perform in the next race. What will help you are information the speed that the horses ran and what position they finished in the races. The racing form has this information on the horses’ last three outings as well as comparison information for other horses in the field so you can know how the horse you are considering measures against the pack.

2017Kentucky Derby Predictions

    3. The type of surface matters

Some horses are better suited for certain types of tracks or surfaces and particular courses and when you review the horses performance on grass versus dirt tracks, regardless of the distance, you will get a better idea of how they are likely to show at the next outing. Also, notice how the horses perform over different distances. Some horses, like thoroughbreds, are bred for speed and others may be bred for stamina. Information about the past performance on particular surfaces, based on the type of horse, will help you figure out how they will do in the next race on the particular surface.

    4. What about value?

Betting on favourites may not be the most successful move to make; instead you should consider betting on the horses that will deliver to you the most in value. So mix it up a bit. Bet on the favourites and use the tips provided to discover and win on some long-shots.

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Kentucky Derby Betting 2017

Horse racing, especially of thoroughbreds was considered to be the sport of kings and was always an over-elaborate show of power and wealth that it seemed only royalty could afford. Horse racing has lost its exclusivity but it will continue to be the favorite sport of millions of people all over the globe. How did it all begin?

Gambling and Horse Racing
Horse racing, famously known as the sport of kings, is one of the most popular sports in different parts of the world. It has been around for hundreds of years, going as far back as the chariot races of the Roman Empire. Today, horse racing is still widely carried out and has become closely associated with gambling online and off in person at racetracks.

Kentucky Derby Betting 2017 on horse races is now big business. Fortune can change in a split second and people win big or conversely, lose millions by betting on a few races. This gives the sport a thrilling edge. Two different ways of earning a living from horse racing are through betting on these races and winning and by training and entering their own horses in the races. There is money to be made as the breeding of race horses and the genealogy and linage of the winners are meticulously kept since this massive industry does generate millions of jobs and income for people around the globe. This is where comes in with exclusive horse racing tips and reviews of sportsbooks like Twinspires.

Kentucky Derby Betting 2017

Types of Racing
There are two distinct ways to classify horse racing, flat racing, or jump racing. Flat racing is more widely practiced in the United States and Europe. As the name suggests, this type of race is run on a flat race track with varying distances. The term or distance is decided on by the governing body of the race in the country in which the race is held. Flat racing is usually done on dirt surfaces or grass.

Then there is jump racing. This type of race consists of hurdles or obstacles that the horses have to jump over. Jump races can run from 2 to more than 4 miles in length. This type of horse racing, also known as hunt racing, is more popular in Europe than in the United States.

Types of Horses

There are certain types of horses used for racing, one of which is the thoroughbreds. The breeders of this type of horse is has horse racing as their primary focus. Thoroughbreds are not even tempered and are renowned for their swiftness and agility. One of the most important accomplishments a thoroughbred could obtain would be to win the Triple Crown, which is, winning three consecutive major horse races.

Another popular type of race horse is the American quarter horse. This breed of horse is a descendant of the European thoroughbred, said to be a cross-breed of the thoroughbred and the Native American horses raised by the Indians.

The quarter horse is shorter than the thoroughbreds and has a broader chest and a more muscular body. They are also faster than any other breeding of horses but only in short distances, usually a quarter of a mile, hence the name quarter horse.

If you are planning to try your luck on horse racing, get the best horse racing tips available in order to minimize as much as possible any losses. After all, you are gamboling with your earnings.

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Things to Do When Visiting the Kentucky Derby

Those with their 2017 Kentucky Derby tickets in hand will be travelling to Louisville before May 6 to enjoy the two-minute race in person. The “Run for the Roses” takes approximately two minutes, leaving attendees with plenty of time for some fun away from the Churchill Downs racetrack.

The Kentucky Derby Festival runs for the two weeks that proceed the race day and its usually full of events, including Thunder Over Louisville, which is the largest annual fireworks display held in North America. Visitors can also attend the Pegasus Parade, one of the largest U.S. parades. The hot-air balloon race, the steamboat race, full marathon, and the half marathon are also included in the festival of events.

Some may not be able to get into town to attend the concerts, culinary feasts, and athletic events that are part of the festival. No Worry, there is plenty for them to do during the day of and those following the race. Whether they stay at hotels near the airport like the Spring Hill Suites, Howard Johnson Express Inn, Ramanda Louisville Expo Center, courtyard by Marriott Louisville, or Hampton Inn, they will enjoy accommodations about two miles from the race track and close to everything else.

Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby

Downtown Louisville is nearby and features the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Muhammad Ali Center, and Speed Art Museum. The Frazier International History Museum has interactive exhibits and permanent galleries for all ages, walking visitors through 1,000 years of history. For some hair-raising fun, visitors can ride the roller coasters at Six Flags Kentucky.

After the Kentucky Derby winners have been crowned, it is time for some good eats. Silvers Spoon 11, Derby Café and El Molcajete are among the top ten top-rated restaurants in town. And, anyone interested in doing some local travelling while dining might enjoy the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train. The 1940s dining cars take a two-hour excursion through the countryside of Kentucky.

There is no shortage of bars in Louisville and after the Kentucky Derby, these are packed. There, everyone will be discussing the Kentucky Derby winners and losers and already preparing for their trip in 2018.

If you are headed to the Kentucky Derby 2017 to witness one of the most incredible sporting events of the year, the first thing that you will need to ensure that you have are your Kentucky Derby 2017 ticket. Remember, you can’t get in without it.

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Bet Online With the Leader in Online Horse Racing

Why go out when you can stay at home and have your own Kentucky Derby party and bet online with the leader in online horse racing at sportsbooks such as MyBookie and TwinSpires racebook for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 instead of having to leave your house.

The 2017 Kentucky Derby 143 will be watched and celebrated around the world on May 6 but there is a lot of partying going on long before that momentous “two minutes in sports” will take place and you need to be prepared. Here we are looking at all the social activities and events leading up to and on the day of the Oaks. For it to be the great success that you desire, the planning and preparations must be executed with precision.
It does not matter if this is your first Kentucky Derby or not your party needs to have the right mix of friends, food and fun to make it a memorable occasion. So, here are some tips to keep you on track.

Kentucky Derby Party Online

What’s on the Menu?

Beverage-The Kentucky Derby tradition demands that food and beverage are in ample supply at all times. Now that Woodford Reserve are suppliers of the “official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby”, be sure that your party is well stock in order to keep those mint juleps cocktails flowing. You don’t want to miss out on having the $1,000 drink available to your patrons on Derby day

Food-One great way to reduce the tress of last minute preparations is to plan well ahead. Choose foods that are available in Kentucky and can be prepared and kept frozen for a day or two before your event. Some prepared items may even be stored in the refrigerator

Serving-By far, the most popular style of serving at the Kentucky Derby is buffet and you can organize this to suit the taste of your guests. The seated buffet where guests serve themselves but sit at designated tables may be appropriate for some official parties or you could have the traditional buffet where your patrons serve themselves but dine where they are comfortable. The end result is the same regardless of the approach because with buffet style you can serve a large number of guests in a relatively small space.

Having Your Kentucky Derby Party

  • Decorate your home in line with the nickname of the Kentucky Derby “The Run for the Roses” using this traditional flower as centrepieces or small decorations.
  • Use derby or horse related signs to help guests navigate. Your bar could be labelled Watering Hole and the bathrooms might be Studs and Mares.
  • Make sure that you have Mint Juleps to greet each guest and please do provide sterling silver cutlery
  • The Kentucky Derby is not just about the actual race. It provides an excellent reason to have a party so make sure yours is done right so you and your guests can have a blast!

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    Kentucky Derby Betting Games

    The Kentucky Derby 2017 happens every year at the renowned Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. This is part one of the Triple Crown and there is a long-standing tradition and dare I say, expectation, for patrons to be decked out in one of the many extravagant or mundane Kentucky Derby Hats when they attend the races along with playing a variety of Kentucky Derby betting games if you are having a get together at home.

    There is an entire week of activities that culminates with the actual race on the last day, May 6 and provides plenty of opportunity to showcase your style and taste in what has been dubbed the Kentucky Derby Hat. Indeed, there is a vast array of hats to choose from whether you shop at a department store or an exclusive boutique.

    The Kentucky Derby 2017 Hats on Show

    The Kentucky Derby provides a great opportunity to discover the latest in fashionable hats. After all this is the world’s stage for hats and it showcases cultures from around the globe. The hats being worn can look bold, sexy, crazy, stylish or over-embellished, to satisfy every distinctive taste. Every woman at the Kentucky Derby sets out to find the perfect hat to wear to the Oaks and for the week could sport anywhere from three to five different hats to match her taste and sense of style at the different events.

    Kentucky Derby Hats Betting Games

    Start off the Kentucky Derby week at a dinner party with a chick and sexy designer hat and enjoy the journey for the next few days as you progress with style, flair and possible drama which will inevitably happen when playing betting games about the Kentucky Derby. You may want to save one of your favorites for the day before the derby, the day of the Kentucky Oaks. Your hats will speak volumes for your station and passion and you would be careful to reserve the best of your Kentucky Derby Hats for the big day, the final race day.

    You know that the women have been preparing for the Kentucky Derby with as much precision and concentration as those who prepare the horses for the races. It’s all about the hat so you find your outfit that compliments that hat or you simply get a new outfit, because at the Kentucky Derby 2017, when it comes to women’s fashion, it’s all about the hat.

    Customized Kentucky Derby Hats Anyone?

    Here’s your next option to buying your Kentucky Derby hat. Get one custom made to your specific flair and style. It may cost more than one you would get from a store but you will get a hat that matches your personality and outfit, perfectly. Your hat will be truly one of a kind and you will be able to parade with confidence and pizzazz.

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    Best Online Horse Betting Sites

    The running of the Kentucky Derby is on the first Saturday in May each year at Churchill Downs and is one of the most popular races in the horse racing world. It is common practice for people who do not pay attention to horse racing, make the time to watch the Kentucky Derby. With the field of horses, it’s one of the hardest races to handicap; however, if you have the right information and know how to use it, your tickets can gain you a lot of cash, betting the Kentucky derby.

    When handicapping the international races such as the Kentucky Derby there are some loss-making scenarios to avoid. Pay close attention to the international races from which the derby entrants are coming. Look at how the horses performed on their home turfs leading to the big day. Take note of how well they raced as well as how poorly they showed.

    Best Online Horse Betting Sites

    The horses are put through their paces 10 days before the derby and this means that all the prep races and they are having their workouts so that the media and well connected patrons can view the horses’ performance. No matter how fantastic these workouts are don’t put too much weight on them, remember how each horse raced in the prep races and use this for the basis of for your decision. Now if the horse is having an excellent workout and appearing undefeatable in the prep races leading to the derby that is just icing on the cake. These horses entering the derby are all physically fit regardless of the last few workouts actually most trainers are just trying not to build their horses up before the big show.

    Then there is also the post position draw for the derby to consider along with other big stakes races. Again, these are tips for if you plan to bet on the Kentucky Derby in person, however if you are looking for the best online horse betting sites because you want to bet from home then check out our Kentucky Derby reviews. The Kentucky Derby has now dedicated significant coverage time for this. There are a variety of horses that are broken down into various post positions to win the derby. The post positions that you should focus on are the 1st and 20th. The 20th is better than the 1st since the horse really has no say in whether it is shuffled around. Clearly, the post position is not the most critical matter in becoming a Derby winner; however, the condition of the horse next to you can influence the eventual outcome of the race. If your selection is a speed type or stalker you want dead closers around you. Your horse can get out of the way of those breaking to either side. If there is stretch runner you want speed horses breaking next to you so they will quickly get out of your way.

    By understanding and recognizing the profile of the modern day Kentucky Derby champion you can go through each horse finding the legitimate contenders.
    The Kentucky Derby can be difficult to handicap but with these tips you should be at the betting window cashing your tickets outside of the millions of people who just miss it.

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    2 Horses That Will Not Hit the Board

    The past few weeks we have been sharing our Kentucky Derby betting favorites and which horses to lay your bets on, however, today we will be taking a different route. Here are 2 horses that will not hit the board for the 143rd Kentucky Derby and that you should not bet on for this Kentucky Derby.

    When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, many horse bettors look at the horses that are sure bets to hit the board and wager upon those horses to win, place or show. Another method is to study the post positions and looking at past winners according to post position before placing this year’s bets.

    Other Kentucky Derby horses are forgotten about and for good reason: There’s usually a clear cut favorite to win the Kentucky Derby.Let’s take a look at 2 horses that will probably not hit the board in this year’s Kentucky Derby horse race. 

    143rd Kentucky Derby Picks

  • Fast and Accurate (60/1)
  • Trainer Mike Maker will likely have an uneventful Kentucky Derby 143. Many analysts believe that Fast and Accurate is one of the least talented horses in the field. Fast and Accurate’s signature finish was a place at Isle Downs.

  • Cloud Computing (45/1)
  • Those who are members of the tech community appreciate a horse named Cloud Computing. At 45/1, Cloud Computing’s payoff would be enormous. However, Cloud Computing is definitely a long shot at 45/1 and many analysts aren’t even including him in the discussion of possible Kentucky Derby win, place or show bets.

    The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that anything can happen! If you wish to tail or fade these picks, you can do so in an online sportsbook app like BetOnline, MyBookie and Bovada online betting sites.

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