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Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

For US bettors looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby online with Bitcoin and/or credit card there are a few key points to note. One, pick an online racebook that gives you a signup bonus. Please note that the Twinspires racebook does not accept Bitcoin, unlike and If you are going to bet on the Kentucky Derby you might as well get paid for it. Secondly, do your research on the horses racing. Just because the name sounds very clever, does not a winning horse it make. The 144th annual Road to the Roses, Kentucky Derby 2018, is just around the corner on Saturday, May 6th, 2018 from Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This is why there is no time better than now to go over what we believe to be the best Kentucky Derby online betting sites online to bet on the Kentucky Derby. In the coming weeks we will all be privy to the 144th annual running of the Kentucky Oaks & Derby for 2018, also known as the first leg of the triple crown. Basically if you want to bet on Kentucky Derby online you have come to the right site. As many of you know the current Kentucky Derby betting odds on favorite going into the big race is Ride On Curlin who is sitting at 12-1 betting odds. If that name sounds familiar to you then here is why. Ride On Curlin is the offspring of 2007 Preakness Stakes winner, Curlin.

I’ll Have Another shocked everyone at the Kentucky Derby finishing first at 20/1 betting odds. Now we will go over some of the current Kentucky Derby online betting odds and futures. Take a gander and see if any of these Kentucky Derby favorites jumps out for online betting for the 144th Kentucky Derby.

Teeth of the Dog 30/1 – You know what they say about the hair of the dog when you wake up with a bad hangover, but sometimes you just need the teeth to help you get through the day. Teeth of the Dog is currently sitting at 30/1 betting odds to win the Kentucky Derby, first jewel of the Tripe Crown. Next up we have Danza coming in at 25/1 betting lines to finish first in the 2018 Kentucky Derby. Danza is almost like the I’ll Have Another of the Kentucky Derby. Not really a quick starter, but known to finish strong as we all saw. Next up we like Tapiture at 20/1 online betting Kentucky Derby odds. Tapiture comes to us from the same camp as Bodemeister but is a little older and has shown great maturity as of late. Look for Tapiture to place amongst the top 3 in this year’s Kentucky Derby online betting. If you are still looking for a racebook to handle your Kentucky Derby Online Betting picks and predictions then might we suggest you check out the Bovada online sports betting site with exclusive racebook bonuses and promotions to help you get in on the racing action today.

Updated 2018 Kentucky Derby Online Betting Odds

Below is a list of complete 2018 Kentucky Derby betting odds for online wagering for Saturday’s 144th Kentucky Derby race.

  • Classic Empire 4/1 Betting Odds
  • Mc Craken 5/1 Wagering Lines
  • Malagacy 21/4 Betting Odds
  • Irish War Cry 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • Gunnevera 15/2 Betting Odds
  • Thunder Snow 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • One Liner 33/4 Betting Odds
  • Practical Joke 32/4 Wagering Lines
  • El Areeb 8/1 Betting Odds
  • Tapwrit 7/1 Wagering Lines
  • Unique Bella 4/1 Betting Odds
  • Epicharis 8/1 Wagering Lines
  • Uncontested 10/1 Betting Odds
  • Mo Town 11/1 Wagering Lines
  • Gormley 14/1 Betting Odds
  • J Boys Echo 12/1 Wagering Lines
  • Running Mate 19/1 Betting Odds
  • Squadron 15/1 Wagering Lines
  • American Anthem 25/1 Betting Odds

Review the above Kentucky Derby betting odds for the 144th race and please note that the above odds will change daily leading up to the big race.

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144th Kentucky Derby Online Betting

We are a couple of months away from the 144th running on the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. If you plan to bet on Kentucky Derby futures you can do so now at the above online racebooks.

The Kentucky Derby is a little over two months away, and horse racing fans are getting ready for the start of the 2018 Triple Crown campaign, hoping to see another horse take the first step to winning the Triple Crown.

As expected, fans will place a lot of bets on the event hoping to cash in on their favorite horse. Thanks to the internet, horse racing fans don’t have to be in Churchill Downs to place a bet on the Derby because there are quite a few online betting sites to choose from.

144th Kentucky Derby Betting Online

For those worried about the legal ramifications of online betting, you should know that it is actually legal to bet on horses in a lot of states, but there are still some that don’t approve, so make sure you find out if you are in one of the states it is legal in before placing your bets.

Another concern some people have is about the credibility of some of the betting sites that offer Kentucky Derby lines.

In this situation, you have to make sure you place your bets with reputable betting sites like TwinSpires, which is owned by Churchill Downs incorporated and is open to US residents over 18, except in Washington, which requires users to be 21 and over.

The good news about using TwinSpires is the fact that you don’t have to bother to check if online betting is legal in your state because the site only allows people to register if their state allows legal gambling, which is checked by the user’s IP address.

You can deposit into your TwinSpires account for free by linking your bank account to the site, or you can pay a $5 charge if you prefer to use Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t accept Discover or American Express.

You should also remember that you are required to report winnings that exceed $600.

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Horse Racing Betting Sites

With the 144th Kentucky Derby only a couple of months away, horse racing fans are getting excited for the most exciting two minutes in sports, and their chances of cashing in on the winning horse at the top horse racing betting sites for 2018.

If you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby and won’t be able to be there in person to watch the race, there are plenty of online racebooks you can place bets with and get paid very quickly if you win. To help you avoid dealing with less reputable sites, we have compiled a list of the best sites to use for your Kentucky Derby bets.

  • TwinSpires or Twin Spires Racebook
  • This is the best option when it comes to online betting because it is owned by Churchill Downs and you don’t have to worry about dealing with a company based in the Caribbean where anything can happen to your cash.

    TwinSpires is very easy to use and you can deposit using your checking account or with a Visa or Mastercard. Payouts are made very quickly so you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time to get your winnings.

    144 Kentucky Derby Horse Racing Sites

    The only problem with TwinSpires is that they are only open to residents of states where horse racing gambling is legal.

  • Bovada Racebook
  • Bovada is not based in the United States, but they are a reputable company that can be trusted. They offer bonuses for new accounts and also offer free bets sometimes, so you could end up betting on the Kentucky Derby for free.

    Payouts are also quick with Bovada, and you have the option of the payment being sent by check, directly to your account, or even using bitcoins.

  • 5Dimes Racebook
  • 5Dimes is also another one of the reputable sites that allow all US residents to place wagers on the Kentucky Derby. Unlike Bovada, they don’t offer any deposit bonus or run free promotions, but they do offer many ways to bet on the Derby and payout within 24 hours, depending on the method you want to receive your money.

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    Understanding Horse Training Regiments

    The 2018 Super Bowl is this Sunday and that means the Kentucky Derby is almost here! With that said, today we focus on understanding horses more.

    There’s always been a significant difference between breeding and training an animal. Breeding simply consists of mating one horse with another. But horse training is an entirely different ball game altogether. You will first need to understand the breed of your horse before training it for a particular cause, especially for the 2018 Kentucky Derby. For instance, you don’t want to train a thoroughbred for scaling long distances, for obvious reasons.

    The Young Ones: You should go with sprinting exercises for the foals. If you try to train an old horse to sprint, it may break its leg, never making it to the tournament altogether. Similarly, the young ones are more prone to sprint than to follow your lead into trotting. Train them for the flat races, breaking them into a gallop as much as you can during the process.

    You need to have a conditioning plan in place before venturing to train the foals. Analyze the positives and negatives of your horses carefully. Can they gallop at an equal pace for long hours? Can they sprint for over 500 yards before taking a breath? Train them according to their strengths and behold their progress in competitive tournaments.

    2018 Horse Training

    The Aged Ones: Can you expect a frail, old man to run as fast as Usain Bolt? An impossible feat, eh? Well, if you do end up with a frail, old mare that could barely trot a stretch without breaking a sweat, then you and your horse are in for some hard times.

    The aged horses are usually fit for endurance races, since they have the required experience and skill to compete. But you will need them to trot and sprint when required. Imagine a young colt speeding for a few miles and breaking down halfway. It may take hours to recover. On the other hand, an experienced race horse trained to cover large distances can reach the destination much before the young mare could.

    And therein lies the advantage in training an aged horse for stamina and endurance. It is bound to win the long races!

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    Odds and Ends of Betting During Horse Races

    The 144th Kentucky Derby is still a few months away however it is never too soon to learn how to place your wagers. Placing a bet on a horse is not as easy as it sounds. The odds are higher with a single horse for the win, but it may make you lose all your money quicker than you can say ‘trot’. How about betting on a colt to bag either the first, second, or third place? Far easier and reliable, eh! Let us first go through the different types of bets before venturing into the competitiveness of the racing.

    Straight Bets: Well, if you wish to bet on a horse to win the first place, you will need to place a straight bet. However, very few gamblers go with this strategy. Unless you know that a particular mare can sprint quicker than you have ever known, you don’t want to go with a straight bet.

    144 Kentucky Derby Odds

    However, if you trust the particular colt to deliver, then you can easily acquire astonishingly profitable odds to help you on your way. The thing is, very few gamblers go for the straight bets due to lack of knowledge regarding the horses. Thus, the odds will, more often than not, be in your favor. However, you may wish to conduct a thorough research on the horse before going for a straight bet.

    Placed Bets: Unlike a straight bet, you are allowed to choose if a horse would come first, second, or third in the race. If the the race is conducted between 5 or less horses, you obviously won’t be allowed to pick the third place, but between 10 or more horses, the third place would definitely come into the picture.

    Each-Way Bet: An each-way bet is often considered to be the meeting line between straight and placed bets. For instance, if you place an each-way bet on a horse, you would be entitled to win the odds on the first place if it comes first, and also on the second or third place, whichever matter. Needless to say, the each-way bet is more common among gamblers than any of the other bets.

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    Types of Horse Breeds

    Understanding the horse breeds is a tough nut to crack for beginners, but I’ll try to be as succinct as I can. At the races, a horse has either to sprint, trot, or endure long distance rides. Thus, it either needs to have a quick pace (acceleration), frighteningly high obedience, a combination of pace and stamina, or simply the need to endure as much as it can. Different breeds of horses have different qualities and talents, each of which are detailed below.

    Thoroughbred: A perfect breed for flat racing, the thoroughbred boasts of three primary ancestors – the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Byerly Turk. Their respective owners brought them to England a few centuries ago to mate them with foreign breeds. And the resultant foals were astoundingly quick-paced after a bit of training.

    Thoroughbreds are usually measured in terms of the human hand. Their height generally ranges from 15 to 18 hands. They are not meant for endurance rides, but they revel over flat racing surfaces. The use of technological breeding is forbidden in this class. Thus, artificial insemination and embryo transfer are out of the question.

    Horse Breed Types

    Arabian Horse: This breed is a counterpart of the Thoroughbred. As the name suggests, the Arabians, or most commonly known as the Bedouins of the Middle East, bred these horses to withstand long distances over an uneven terrain. Primarily used for transport back in the day, they weren’t introduced in the sporting world till the early 18th century.

    Such stamina-infused mares had excess of Type 1 muscle fibers, critical for traveling long distances without a care in the world. As you may have guessed, the Arabian Horse is extensively used for endurance races these days.

    Quarter Horse: This breed originated relatively late in the era. The American breeds which emanated from Spanish ones were mated with British horses early in the 19th century. Initially, their foals were used for regular farming, but their eventual growth gave rise to their racing abilities.

    It was not until the 1940s that the Quarter horses were officially recognized as race colts in the scheme of things. They are mainly used on straight tracks, so that the jockey has barely to manage the horses.

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    Considering the Laws of Horse Cruelty

    When it comes down to acknowledging animal cruelty among horses used for breeding purposes in sports, there would always be animal rights activists poking their noses in trying to determine whether or not the accepted requirements are met. More commonly, the Humane Society of the United States has had occasion to deliver a more profound sense of animal rights due to the lax management structure of certain horse breeding societies.

    The Theory: The activists claim that almost all the horse breeding organizations are cruel to the animals in question. They tend to force the poor creatures into submission in order to produce a more competitive build.

    Horse Cruelty Laws

    However, most folks don’t necessarily coerce an individual horse into mating with a plausible partner. Mating is more of a natural process than a forced one. Their offsprings are generally categorized into their respective breeds after birth.

    However, for some reason, the activists cannot really comprehend the importance of the sport. Unlike popular notion, horse racing and breeding is not as simple as it sounds. There are many more factors involved in breeding a particular type of horse than those already mentioned.

    The Actions: PETA, a well-known animal rights organization, claimed the abuse of race horses in Japan. They backed their claims with a video feed that decidedly proved the claim – close to 20000 thoroughbreds slaughtered for fulfilling the rising food consumption rate. Nonetheless, breeding stock is still exported to the country from Kentucky, though it may be below the required rate.

    Thus, the animal rights activists are not all in the wrong. They do have credible proofs to back their claims. However, that is all on the other side of the world while we sit pretty on our finely-bred horses, enjoying our daily dose of racing and betting. But it is the export of sport animals from our state that had given rise to that descent in Japan in the first place. Food for thought, eh!

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    Analyzing the Different Types of Horse Racing

    Horse racing is not only about galloping on a straight or circular track to reach the finish line. Hurdles and marathons also come into the fray. There are, essentially, four types of horse racing – Flat racing, Jump racing, Harness racing, and Endurance racing. Let us take a look at each of these formats.

  • Flat Racing
  • This is the most commonly found type of horse race. Tracks are generally oval, but the shapes may vary depending upon the region where the race is taking place. For instance, there is the ‘figure of eight’ track in Windsor. In other instances, not only the shape varies but also the level. The distance of the tracks ranges from 400 yards to about two-and-a-half miles.

    The shorter races are called sprints, whereas the longer ones are known as routes. Sprints test the speed and acceleration of the horses while routes rank them based on their stamina.

    Types of Horse Racing 2018

  • Jump Racing
  • As the name suggests, jump races require a horse to jump over obstacles as fast as it can to pocket the win. There are two types within this category – hurdling and steeplechasing. Hurdling consists of obstacles smaller than those at a steeplechase. Under normal circumstances, a particular horse has to pass through a flat race before progressing to jump racing. Many colts are bred specially for the purpose for jump racing, nonetheless.

  • Harness Racing
  • This type simply asks the horse to trot along the route, pulling the rider in a sulky. Harness racing is less common, mostly found in the Scandinavian and Finnish regions. Cold blood trotter and Finnhorses are generally used for the purpose.

  • Endurance Racing
  • An endurance race is quite a like a marathon. It may last for several hours, and in some instances, for quite a few days. The length of the race ranges from a minimum of 10 miles to over 100 miles. The relatively short races are called trail rides whereas the longer ones are known as endurance rides. The longest endurance ride, of close to 250 miles, lasts for quite a number of days. Natural routes are chosen for endurance racing instead of crafted ones like those in flat racing.

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    Could This Be the Last Preakness at Pimlico?

    The Pimlico horse racing track located in Baltimore, Maryland has proudly hosted nearly every edition of the Preakness Stakes. Many horse bettors enjoy the Preakness as it is a way to continue the Derby fever and possibly predict a potential Triple Crown winner.

    The 2017 Preakness will be the 142nd edition of the storied race. Many local news reports from Maryland indicate that the 100+ year old racecourse at Pimlico is in a state of disrepair. In fact, some estimates put the rebuild at $300 to $500 million dollars. This begs the question: Could this be the last Preakness Stakes at Pimlico race course?

    Pimlico Race Track 2017

    Many fans believe that there is hope to keep the Preakness at Pimlico while the track’s ownership group may look to build the course in another part of the state.

    While this days on the Pimlico horse racing track are numbered, it is important to know that Maryland will fight to keep the Preakness in the state for the foreseeable future.

    With Always Dreaming as the overwhelming favorite for the 2017 Preakness Stakes, it’s possible that both sports bettors and sports enthusiasts could have a potential Triple Crown winner in 2017 if Always Dreaming can win this leg of horse racing’s most important achievement.

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    Can Always Dreaming Win the 2017 Preakness Stakes?

    Can Always Dreaming Win the 2017 Preakness Stakes?

    When a horse wins the Kentucky Derby in impressive fashion, the often go into the Preakness Stakes as a heavy favorite. That’s the scenario for Always Dreaming. In the Kentucky Derby, Always Dreaming took the final turn and kicked it into high gear leaving the entire field behind.

    This begs the question, can Always Dreaming put on a repeat performance at the Preakness Stakes? If the odds hold true, Always Dreaming will be the heavy morning line favorite for the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown. Always Dreaming certainly outclasses this field on paper. The biggest question remains, how much juice does Always Dreaming have left in the tank?

    Preakness Stakes Always Dreaming

    Always Dreaming will be racing on short rest while other contenders such as Cloud Computing, Multiplier and Senior Investment will be entering the race with more rest and more time to focus on this specific course.

    That could put Always Dreaming at a disadvantage. That being said, Always Dreaming looks consistent if you go back and review his past few races. The horse always stays near the front then turns on the jets near the final 2 furlongs. Always Dreaming is expected to pay out even money odds; when you consider the fact that favorites have won the Preakness exactly 50% of the time, the even money odds on Always Dreaming make perfect sense.

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